The POZ Chronicles

September 16th 2020

Finally we are emerging once more into this strange otherworld. 

With this new beginning we bring a new plan…"Autumn Falls", the new album is well underway, although a POZ album is never rushed! 

Lord Z has recorded keyboards, bass and drums for 6 far. and Dr Shroud has completed the guitar parts for "Lower Temprature Gradiants”

Blaize will shortly be starting the vocals for "Lower Temprature Gradiants”.

July 31st 2020

The POZ are still in lockdown awaiting the inspiration of the Autumn days and the return of the old ones. This is where the POZ thrive…soon…soon

Late March 2020

The POZ have been working hard over the past few months preparing their live set but the realm of Earth, now fully in shutdown, has altered the time streams and for now they must rest.

The Prophets have answered the call to return into the otherworld, there to lay upon their couches of dreams (at least two meters apart) until all things evil have passed.

Until then The Prophets of Zarquon wish you all well and send you all the positive blessings from their hearts. 

Early March 2020

Hidden in the depths of rural Devon the first full band practice has taken place.

January 19th 2020

Lord Z has started the year by customising his live Apple MainStage setup, it is now suitably adorned for the live set.

December 31st 2019

Well here we are the last day of the year and we have now got three of us together in the same place for a practice :-) In this video you can see
Lord Z, Dr R.Shroud and Jon Blackstone going through a bit of Dreamcatcher and Pictures of Parallel.
The Gopro camera next to the PA doesn’t bode well for sound quality and Lord Z thinks the wide angle lens makes his bum look big…or maybe it is!

Happy New Year from the POZ

December 22nd 2019

Still busy in the Otherworld. Jon Blackstone has been hard at work on the live bass lines of The Gate. Lord Z has been writing and demo recording some new material for eventual use on The POZ’s second album.Listen to a low res hint below. 

December 16th 2019

We here in the Otherworld we do not do covers but The Lord Z just felt the need to arrange mix play the bass guitar, drums and lashings of mellotron ghosts, with the help of some of his friends from The Legendary 10 Seconds who played the mandola, electric and acoustic guitars. on this seasonal ditty. Have a great mid winter festival one and all.

October 2019

The old ones move in a different time streams that makes things appear slow to the mortal world. But Dr Shroud, Jon Blackstone and Lord , (seen below upon the throne of dreams}, are still committed unto the live set. Blaize is at this moment awaiting their musical completions.

September 2019 Chronicle

As the Autumn draws in The POZ are still deep in practice wearing their combat shorts and combat practice slippers. A good combination for Jon Blackstone and Lord Z for getting to grips with Shore.

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