The POZ Chronicles

November 12th 2020

And it came to pass the taster Demo version of "The Wishing Tree (of a Red Autumn)” is now on YouTube in its full stereo glory for all to hear. and of course linked here as above so below.

November 3rd 2020

More guitars and guide vocals recorded. Lord Z has his work cut out getting demo mixes ready!! 

1st November 2020

Work continues on Autumn Fall. Despite the demons of this realm.

October 3rd 2020

And more guide vocals from Blaize burn their way into this realm, this time its The Wishing Tree.

September 29th 2020

Autumn has returned the old ones are with us. The new album slowly but surely takes form upon this plain. 

Blaize has summoned her inner goddess and made a start on the guide vocals of Lower temperature gradients.

September 16th 2020

Finally we are emerging once more into this strange otherworld. 

With this new beginning we bring a new plan…"Autumn Falls", the new album is well underway, although a POZ album is never rushed! 

Lord Z has recorded keyboards, bass and drums for 6 far. and Dr Shroud has completed the guitar parts for "Lower Temprature Gradiants”

Blaize will shortly be starting the vocals for "Lower Temprature Gradiants”.

July 31st 2020

The POZ are still in lockdown awaiting the inspiration of the Autumn days and the return of the old ones. This is where the POZ thrive…soon…soon

Late March 2020

The POZ have been working hard over the past few months preparing their live set but the realm of Earth, now fully in shutdown, has altered the time streams and for now they must rest.

The Prophets have answered the call to return into the otherworld, there to lay upon their couches of dreams (at least two meters apart) until all things evil have passed.

Until then The Prophets of Zarquon wish you all well and send you all the positive blessings from their hearts. 

Early March 2020

Hidden in the depths of rural Devon the first full band practice has taken place.

January 19th 2020

Lord Z has started the year by customising his live Apple MainStage setup, it is now suitably adorned for the live set.

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