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Track List

The Gate - Dreamcatcher -Under a Forest canopy - Tunnels - Shore - Pictures of Parallel - The White Windmill - A Distant Valley - Waiting


All music by Lord Z and The Prophets of Zarquon

Produced and Arranged by Lord Z - Recorded at Otherworld Studios, Marldon, Devon, UK. - © 2019 Richard III Records (cat no R11)



Ok, here's my review for The Prophets of Zarquon's Debut album Eternal Skies received today..... Impressed............FKYEAH!!!!!


1 portion of Stevie Nicks

2 Dashes Fleetwood Mac

1 Pinch of Pink Floyd 

1/2 a slice of Blues

2 Tangerine Dreams 

4 cups of Atmospheric Pleasure 

Multiple measures of Originality and Wonderful Musicality. 

Mix until emotive, soothing and very interesting. 


Listen in solitude with headphones on at an upper medium level until album has completely entered your soul..............

Repeat frequently for maximum enjoyment....... . ... .

A truly mesmerising and pleasurable endeavour from a richly talented group of musicians. Prophets of Zarquon are on to something very special. 

Eternal Skies is 5*****

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