October 9th 2021

The Prophets of Zarquon are pleased to announce the arrival of Autumn Fall, delivered into this realm on mini double gatefold album style CD.

Check the Merch page for details.

September 9th 2021

The Prophets of Zarquon are pleased to annonouce that Autumn Falls is here now dwelling in the realms below.

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POZ Autumn fall cover 2

CD soon to follow

30th August 2021

All tracks ready for upload and CD. Lord Z is in the final stages now of listening and designing the artwork for Autumn Fall everthing is on track for release this Autumn.
Until then Dreamcatcher (2021- Radio Edit) ,Horizon of the Clouds (Radio Edit) and Eternal Skies album (Digital and CD) are now available on Bandcamp. Bandcamp are offering a free Eternal Skies digital download with every CD purchased.

August 4th 2021

The Lord has bought a new present for himself, it is a Memotron (Bottom right) and it contains many of the etherial sounds of a real Mellotron. Already under the fingertips of The Lord Z it has supplied some Mk2 Flute and Brass for The "Autumn Fall" album track "The Others.”

The other keys used by the Lord Z on the Autumn Fall album are Novation Impulse, far left- (controller for MTron Pro, ME80 and various other software synths) Mini Moog Model D (top right) Nord Electro 3 (Viking Tron) middle, Memotron M2K and out of shot Multivox String Synth.

14th June 2021

Horizon of the Clouds (Radio Edit) streaming version has now left the otherworld and has materialised in this realm. check out the Merch page 

June 7th 2021

Here in this realm the single video version of Horizon of the Clouds is now released

May 18th 2021

Blaize was the first to enter through the otherworld portal to resume again Autumn Fall with some new vocals for "Horizon of the Clouds" and "Sonar Echoes Fade”

April 14th 2021

Rivera FM a Torbay Devon based radio station. Have been stars yet again, in playing Pictures of Parallel today on David Hammonds show…And lovely and clear it was to…They are truley blessed.


With the portal to this realm being slowly opened The POZ will be resuming the recording for Autum Fall around June time. 

February 20th 2021

Meetings for The POZ in this realm seem rather difficult at this moment, but Lord Z has worked on a radio edit of Dreamcatcher. This will be played on friday February 26th between 12 and 1pm on Rivera FM a Torbay Devon based radio station. Dreamcatcher (Radio edit) will be available as a bonus track on the new Autumn Fall album to be completed later in the year when this world is once more opened!

January 2nd 2021

Happy new year to all you sons and daughters of the POZ. Well it seems so difficult for as to fully function within Teirs of this realm at this moment. But our new album “Autumn Fall” is still floating in the otherworld, hopefully production will begin again soon it is very near completion.

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