September 2023

Dr Shroud has nearly finished all his guitar parts for all eight tracks of "Flood Plain”.
Here he is in Otherworld Studio One :-) putting down some acoustic guitar parts for the track “Estuary”. (As you can see he has found his G String).

Lord Z has aquired a new device of celestial wonder.

July 1st 2023

The Lord Z met up with and had a chat to Peter Jones (Tigermoth Tails and Camel) 

Here is the recording the lord made on his phone of the Progzilla Radio Interview (audio only)

June 12th 2023

Otherworld studios are now pleased to be running a new…well from the 2013 time streams new.. futuristic Mac Pro. This was due to the little Mac Mini struggling somewhat, with the new multidimensional keyboard, guitar and drum tracks..and we haven’t started on recording vocals yet!

Dr Shroud is still busy recording multiple guitar tracks for Flood Plain the new POZ album due out early 2024

The Lord Zarquon has been getting inspired

May 23rd 2023

Lord Z now has completed the keyboards for seven of the planned eight tracks.
Dr Shroud has started guitar work on track four and has completed (for now) three others.
The final keyboards and guitars will be added after Blaize’s vocals.

The Hand of The Lord Z, Tyrion, is observing the creation of Flood Plain :-) 

April 2023

The Prophets are returning from the otherworld into this realm once more with the new 4th album, working title Flood Pain well underway. 

Dr Shroud is now adding more guitars to track 4 and Lord Zarquon has completed the demo keyboards, Bass and Drums for 5 tracks... more to follow. Blaize is still awaiting her call!

December 24th 2022

A huge happy Yule to all our supporters throughout the time streams you are all truly stars forever shining within the heavens.

Have a brilliant time

All the best wishes and Dreams

Lord Zarquon, Blaize and Dr R. Shroud

November 1st 2022

As we enter into the darker months of Winter there is still light with the release of Solstice on all major streaming platforms as well as CD

Apple Music | Amazon | Amazon US | Bandcamp

Let your fae spirit free. Settle down at the time of dusk unwind, dream and loose yourself. Find solice with  "Solstice” 
A musical journey which resonates with Nature in heart .

Whilst I listened to "Solstice" I journeyed through many musical seasons. Each song now forged on the  landscape of my dreams. 
Be inspired, listen and believe. Listen and believe in beautiful music created by The Prophets No one will ever know until we listen and dream. 

Ann in the Moment 

October 29th 2022

The Prophets are pleased to announce the arrival of their new album Solstice availabe now as a limited edition CD available here and on Bandcamp

Solstice, the changing of the season as the world travels back towards the light. Listening to the album on headphones takes you to a world where the dimensions clash and are reformed in your mind. 

The Forest Prophet

October 27th 2022

As we head towards the Winter, The Prophets of Zarquon bring unto you their third album,"Solstice". 

"Solstice"is now available on Bandcamp in its full sonic glory. It can take you on many deep mystical journeys of the long barrows and other mystic lands and seascapes...Where the fae circles stand you will be transformed.

Lord Z

NOW with a free song book PDF!!

October 17th 2022

Very Soon the Solstice album will be among us

Release Date November 1st. Until then have a listen here

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